DOM Clobbering

All you need to know in one place. Learn about clobbering techniques, test your mobile and desktop browser online with a single click, create attack payloads interactively and master the defenses.

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Clobbering Wiki

DOM Clobbering techniques, vulnerability patterns, and defenses


Browser Testing

Test your browser online, or check out analysis results


Payload Generation

Create DOM Clobbering attack payloads interactively


Vulnerability Detection

Automatically detect clobberable data flows in your web application



All source code and content for this website is opensource

TheThing Repository DOMC-BT Repository

Academic Publication

This work has been published at IEEE S&P 2023 with a Distinguished Paper Award .


OWASP CheatSheet

Checkout the DOM Clobbering prevention cheat sheet we created for you!

OWASP CheatSheet