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DOM Clobbering Examples

This section presents a few simple, hands-on examples of DOM Clobbering, capturing the corner-case behaviours of browsers for exploitation, and will be updated gradually.

Implicit Cast of HTMLAnchorElement to Href String

Consider the following code listing:

1. var s = document.createElement('script');
2. s.src = window.CONF || 'custom-script.js';
3. document.body.appendChild(s);

Attackers can obtain arbitrary code execution by clobbering the window.CONF property in line 2, as it is used as the src attribute of a dynamically loaded script

For successful exploitation, the value of window.CONF must be a string, and with DOM Clobbering we replace it with an HTMLElement or WindowProxy, which could prevent us from exploiting this vulnerability. However, when assigning a value to HTMLScriptElement.src, if the value is an instance of HTMLAnchorElement, the browser implicitly casts the value to its href property value.

Exploitation. To exploit the above code lisiting, attackers can inject the following payload:

<a id=CONF href="">

Note that while window.CONF refers to an HTMLAnchorElement, the assignment to HTMLScriptElement.src on line 2 casts it to its href property value.